2022 Reading List

My 2022 Reading List began studying Liberia, exploring Native American history, a study of broken systems in child welfare and homelessness through the eyes of a child, then a journey through Abolition, Reconstruction, Ida B Wells, WEB DuBois, and William Lloyd Garrison. This year also included a look at racist violence, union challenges, a pandemic, and widening wealth gaps a century ago, a history of Cuba, of Asian Americans, reflections on the South, how Hitler was inspired by American racism, an exploration of anti-semitism and tyranny, the way social media has impacted society and children, and the importance of persuasion. On music and art, read about Sister Rosetta Tharpe, Bob Dylan, the legend and songs about Stagolee, deep and soulful reflections of Nick Cave, how modern art came to America, and reflections on the experience and enjoyment of art.