Windsor Star: “It’s About Everyone Pulling in the Same Direction”

I recently visited Windsor, Ontario to meet with business and civic leaders about economic development and poverty reduction strategies there, and how to align them.

It was interesting to explore these issues in a Canadian context. There was much familiar to U.S. communities, but distinctions in terms of how much nonprofits rely on government; how municipal, provincial, and federal agencies work with communities; the politics of a parliamentary system; and the current dynamics of Prime Minister Trudeau and the new Liberal parliament. There is even talk about a basic income that is quite compelling.

The Windsor Star wrote an article about my visit. I did not like the way the author tried to juxtapose my personal narrative with my expertise on social innovation and collective impact. While I have written about my story and how it influences my views, the shorthand used her seemed less informative and more sensational. In any event, here it is. “It’s About Everyone Pulling in the Same Direction.”