Racial Equity Toolkit, webinar & podcast

Dominique Samari and I have created a comprehensive Racial Equity Toolkit for centering racial equity in collective impact. It includes six sections

  • Looking Inward: Racial Equity Begins Within: activities for individual and team reflection
  • Ground the work in Data and Context, Target Solutions: approaching strategy with targeted universalism and approaching data in asset-based, community-informed way
  • Focusing on Systems Change, in Addition to Programs and Services: analyzing racial equity in the six conditions of systems change
  • Shift Power within the Collaborative: mapping and analyzing power at your table and considering practices that shift power
  • Listen and Act with Community: practices and examples
  • Build Equity Leadership and Accountability: committing to individual leadership practices and organization/coalition leadership practices

We have recorded a podcast with The Collective Impact Forum and also provided a webinar on how to use it. The toolkit is free for members who create a free account at The Collective Impact Forum. We also provide training, coaching, and other support on implementing the toolkit practices.